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About me!

My name is Kataurus "King" Braswell, I am a blogger, Lover of GOD, Sinner, Saint, Designer and whatever else you want to call me. Seriously, I love to motivate people, and share inspirational thoughts and things that I have learned in my 37 years of life. I have been blogging for over ten years now. I have had many blogs that has covered many topics but have lost interest in most of them. I love to blog but running one is harder than it looks. The hardest thing about blogging is keeping interest in the topic of choice. Well recently I asked myself  "why is it so hard to run my blogs", and all of a sudden it hit me... It's because I love to talk about EVERYTHING!!!

You see, in the past I was trying to stick to a niche only to learn that my niche is everything. I love life and everything in it, so I am going to talk about everything that I choose. I am into GOD, fashion, food, cars, cigars, wine, and everything under the sun! I think that I will be successful at running this blog because there are no restrictions.

So to make a long story short, be prepared for anything with me. I hope that you enjoy the site and the topics that I will be covering. I hope that you guys and gals comment and make this a fun place to be.

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My Thoughts - Why Do People Cheat?

This is a topic that I have wrote and read about all to many times. If I can help it this will be the last time I write about it, and hopefully this post will help some of you. I going to keep this real short and sweet, no need for a long post. Women want to know why their men can't keep it in their pants, and men want to know why their women can't keep their legs closed. Your cousin King Braswell is going to tell you in the next paragraph.
Men and women cheat because they want to, and they want to because they are human beings!!! Men like women, and women like men, and they meet other men and women that they like and they do it. The direct reason does not matter, what matters is that they do it. Men are very visual, and they might meet a woman that they are attracted to, so if he feels like its worth the risk he will cheat with that woman. Women like attention, if the right man gives her that attention, she might get in between the sheets with that man.
People do what they w…

Health and Fitness - 5 Things Not To Do When You Are Getting Healthy.

Lately I have been receiving bad news on what seems to be an everyday basis about the health of someone close, or a loved one of someone close. People have been having heart troubles, cancer diagnoses, and even death occur. This has lead me to take life much more seriously, and I have decided to take care of myself much better than I was. Over the Last two weeks I have made a drastic lifestyle change, and I've already seen a big difference by changing the way I eat.
Everyday life brings about many things that we focus our attention on, an