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Time Is Money: Don't Let Social Media Rob You!

As I was sitting here trading stocks online today my twitter account kept going off. I kept going back and forth checking for updates on my timeline, and the next thing you know my ass was on instagram. Now I am going back and forth from twitter to instagram and all of a sudden the shit hit me, an hour had went by and I had accomplished nothing. I hadn't made a dollar, I did not research any potential new tickers (stock), and I hadn't made any new beneficial friends on twitter. The one thing that I did manage to do is... not accomplish SHIT!

Needless to say that I wasted a whole lot of my time, but I wasted a whole lot of my time. What I should have been doing is trading, researching, and developing new ways of bettering myself. It didn't even have to involve money, I could have read my bible or just read a good article. Now that I realized that I wasted quality time, which time is one thing that we can never get back, I decided to pull back from the social media thing and put more time into what's valuable.

Don't get me wrong I have met some great people on social media, some really great people who I am proud to call friends, but not enough to make me sit and waste any amount of time. As a matter of fact, the people that I call friends on social media are also people who help me in various areas. If you don't have these type of people on your timeline, you are wasting precious time. Going forward, I will not be on my social media accounts all day checking for nonsense. I will check in with my friends who I have saved in a list, and the rest of the foolishness is for the birds. My time is very valuable and I got goals and shit, so I am going to spend my time getting things done... preferably getting paid. Think about it my friends, please spend your time wisely.

King Braswell

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