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My Budget Journey - Week 6

Well today marks the start of week 7 and ends weeks 6. I must say that this week went pretty well even though I spent a little more money than usual. I was able to put up $350 dollars into my emergency fund verses the usual $100 goal due to overtime. I even had some extra money to throw some money into the stock market. I got paid from my part time job this week and I was able to put that entire check up. Last but not least, I was able to buy some furniture for my apartment which is always great.

Now back to the little more money that I spent!! This week included Valentines day, so this means that I had to by my woman a few things. We also went out to eat so, which is something that we don't do often. It didn't hurt our pockets because this was already planned for, and we both have been working overtime lately so it was no problem for us.

Things that you can learn from week 6!

When you are doing your budget for the month, make sure that you include any out of the ordinary things such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversary's. You will be able to adjust your budget around these days. I recommend working overtime to pay for such things so that you won't have to pull from you bills are savings. If this option is not available, you might have to cut back on the money that you save for the month, but be sure to save something. Don't let any day prevent you from adding to your budget goals unless there is an emergency. 

Well that's all I have for this week, be sure to read my previous budget posts! If you need help building your budget, I would love to help get you on the right track. Shoot me an email at 

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