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My Budget Journey - Week 2


So Saturday ended week 2 of my budgeting and I did pretty good. I managed to make my groceries last me until this week, and that's great for me being that I shop every week. I did not spend a dime this week on any food, snacks, or miscellaneous things.  I did have a setback which is something that I could not control and that was death in the family. I lost a uncle a couple of Fridays ago and I had to drive back to my hometown. Even with that drive I only spent 40 bucks and that includes gas and having drinks with a few cousins of mines.  I only went over 20 bucks for my budget this week, and I will deduct that from my miscellaneous budget.

What did I learn this week? I learned that anything can happen and that you need to always factor that in your budget. I tag things like this as a miscellaneous situation and not an emergency. People say that this is what a savings is for, but for me saving always includes my house hold and the people that are in it. No matter how you word it you will definitely need a fund for situations like these. 

Overall I had a great week and I plan on continuing learning new things. This week I am starting to coupon so be on he look our for my blog next week. Peace!

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