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Back to my Blogging Self!

This is my first post in a while from this blog due to the fact that I have been working on my brand D'oro Della Vita (The Golden Life). I have confused myself this year about how should I go about promoting my brand. This blog has always been more personal and all over the place, DDV is about motivation and my clothing line, so I have been conflicted as to how to run both. I have a motivational side of me as to where I want to reach people to help them feel better. Then I have that side of me that is raw and straight to the point and that doesn't give a dam. I can't run my motivational blog and be overly raw, and I can't run my personal lifestyle blog with overly advertising my brand.

I have decided to let this blog serve as my personal blog where I talk about whatever I choose, and Im leaving DDV to stand on its on. So everything done here is apart of my personal feelings and my life, and it will not involve as much motivation as it once did. DDV will be where all of my motivational writings lies so that I will be able to express myself without any conflicts. This year I have learned that you have to be you no matter what! Don't hold back on what you feel and don't let anyone stop you from expressing your self. That's what makes blogging special, being able to be who the hell you are with no restrictions. I look forward to sharing more of my personal thoughts with you guys and gals very soon. Happy New Year.

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