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Motivation - You Do Not Define My Worth - By: @KamieshaCooper

"Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."
Today, I was at work and someone hinted at the fact that they thought I was ugly. My mind suddenly went back to all of those years where people called me ugly in school. I immediately felt extremely insecure, and I wanted to make myself feel as small as possible. I contemplated whether or not I should wear more makeup. Because makeup makes you prettier, right? Should I lose weight because skinnier people are pretty people, right? Should I change how I dress because the less clothing the better..right? 
I began to think my worth in a matter of minutes. I felt worthless in a matter of seconds. Then I remembered a therapy session I had in which my therapist asked me where my worth lies. "What determines your worth"? she asked me. Of course I started to count off many superficial things that I thought defined my worth. She proceeded to ask me, "What if you lost all of those things …