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Motivation: Did You know That You Were Going To die?

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I know that you just love the title right! Well I hope that it got your attention, because I am about to hand out some tough love to my readers as well as myself. First of all I am not making light of mental illness at all, so please don't think that I am after reading this post. I just believe that there is a cure for all things known to man. This might not come off as an motivational writing, but hopefully you will think differently by the end of this post. I have noticed a common theme among'st the human race that has to change, and that theme is the word DEPRESSION! 

I am quite a social person and I meet people all of the time, and it seems as if everybody is depressed. If its not from the lack of having a mate, having a mate thats full of shit, not having enough money, not having the home that you wanted, not getting the job you wanted, not getting the man or women you wanted, not getting enough sex, not getting the car you wanted, the weight gain, the loss of weight, ass is not phat enough, ass is too phat, kids are not acting right, and/or well you get it, it's always some bullshit to feel bad about.

Stop it, Stop it, and Stop it again!!!! Life is a bitch sometimes and it is what it is. What are you going to do about it? 99.9 of the shit that we are worried and depressed about is worthless shit that we can change. We have to learn how to think differently. The 00.1 that we can't change should be ignored and pushed out of our brains. We cannot continue to lose even a minute of sleep thinking about some b.s. that does not add one second to our lives. I don't care what it is, let it go and give that mess to God. We as human will never be satisfied because we can never have enough.

If someone gave you a million buck right now you would be mad that it wasn't in all ones. If you landed that job that you wanted you wouldn't like your office. If you got the spouse that you wanted you would find fault withing seconds of marrying them. It amazes me that no matter how much we have to be thankful for, as soon as one thing happens that we don't like we fall all apart. Its time out for that people and do you know why, huh, do you have a clue, I''ll give you a hint.... because your ass is going to die one day that's why. 

All of that worrying, fear, and depression that you have been battling for years is all going to hell. We gotta live life to the fullest, I don't care what happens to you. If you lose your job get another one. If you lose your mate get another one. If you get diagnosed with a disease or illness, change your lifestyle and live as healthy as you can. Live your life in peace knowing that GOD will never change and when this life is over we are going to live in eternal bliss. Money will come and go, health will come and go, people will come and go, your spouse will depart from you one way or the other, but God ain't going nowhere.  Don't stress over anything that you can't take to heaven with you... think about that. Peace and Blessings and buy the shirt below because you are DOPE!!!

 Doro Della Vita Dope!

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