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Health: Let Go of the Stress and Bad Food in Your Life!!

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The other day I ran into an older woman that I have been knowing for a while, and she always tell me that she is going to book a cruise with me when she sees me (I'm a travel agent when I feel like it). I asked her was she finally ready to book her cruise, she told me that she can't go anywhere right now because she might be going on dialysis. Her kidneys have failed her due to diabetes and uncontrolled high blood pressure, and she said that she needs a transplant. I told her that she needed to changer her eating habits and exercise, and not to accept what the doctor says (I'm big on natural healing). She said that it is to late for that, and that her kidneys are gone!

We when I walked away from her I got to thinking to myself... I bet she was eating like an animal and not exercising when she knew she had this problem. I have battled with high blood pressure for a while, and it came from eating a bunch of junk and stressing. It was not until last year that I began taking my health REALLY serious. My job was stressing me out so bad that I started having chest pains, and I said to myself that I cannot let this job kill me. I was exercising at the time but I was eating anything in sight other that pork. I've watched plenty of my family members and friends become ill because of the food that they were eating. It seems like everybody I know has high blood pressure or something that has something to do with food ailing them.

I came to the simple conclusion that I did not want to die because of some muh fucking fried chicken, french fries, and some high fructose corn syrup. Our Creator did not make us just so that we could eat ourselves into an early grave, and this is whats really going on with us. We can't control our urges for that crispy as skin, that frosting on the cake, or those fruity ass sweet ass skittles. How about those you can't eat just one Lay's potato chips. Its not just about the food either, what about those toxic relationships that some of y'all are in. Ladies y'all got that bummy ass man that you should have left in that sewage that you found him in. Fellas y'all got that girl with the big butt and a smile that's so fine that she feels like she shouldn't have to work. Now your health is fucked up all because of a fried bird and some idiot that laying next to you.

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Well ole Kataurus King Braswell ain't having it!! I was already on my health kick but after talking to that lady I decided to go into overdrive. No more sweets, no more sodas, no more not working out just because I am tired, and definitely no more stress from some worthless human being. Let's take our lives back and eat clean and ridding ourselves of anybody who interrupts our peace. If you have to be around an negative son of a bitch, ignore them and keep it moving. If you have the urge to eat some bullshit, pick up some fruit or a celery stick. We got enough to worry about in this world, we should not have to worry about having a heart attack due to what we ate. If feels so good to eat healthy and our bodies respond to what we are putting in it. Stop playing with your life and get healthy by letting go!!!! P.S. Buy one of my shirts or something! 


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