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Motivation: Did You know That You Were Going To die?

I know that you just love the title right! Well I hope that it got your attention, because I am about to hand out some tough love to my readers as well as myself. First of all I am not making light of mental illness at all, so please don't think that I am after reading this post. I just believe that there is a cure for all things known to man. This might not come off as an motivational writing, but hopefully you will think differently by the end of this post. I have noticed a common theme among'st the human race that has to change, and that theme is the word DEPRESSION! 
I am quite a social person and I meet people all of the time, and it seems as if everybody is depressed. If its not from the lack of having a mate, having a mate thats full of shit, not having enough money, not having the home that you wanted, not getting the job you wanted, not getting the man or women you wanted, not getting enough sex, not getting the car you wanted, the weight gain, the loss of weight, as…

My Thoughts - The Best Place To Talk and Hear From God!

Today is Mother's Day and I am not able to be around my Mom. For some reason I felt like getting up and going for a walk outside before getting ready for church. I love being outside with nature and this might sound strange, but I feel like God talks to me more when I'm outside, or maybe I an hear him better. I have been saying this for years, and I really think that this is true. I mean think about it, he made man from dirt...
Have you ever thought about the fact that when God talked to people in the bible it was always in the wilderness, mountains, or somewhere in nature? When you are with nature you get chance to see many of God's creations. You see the green grass, trees, people, squirrels, and also hear the birds chirping. How about the sun shining through the trees, or the river that flows on the side of your nearest park. It is just so peaceful, and where you find peace you will find GOD!

So while I was outside walking at my favorite park which is in Roswell Georgi…