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My Thoughts - My Brand D'oro Della Vita - The Golden Life

I want to take the some time to introduce you to my brand D'oro Della Vita (The Golden Life), and my vision for it as well. For those of you who have been following my blog, you may have seen me advertising my brand, but not really know what it really means. This post is just a little summary of what this brand means to me, and why I started it.

I have always had two major dreams, producing music was one, owning a clothing line was the other. As years went by I realized that the music business was not for me, I dabbled in it but quickly realized that I am not built for that life. I spent so much time in my life working to pay bills, trying get rich quick schemes, all sorts of things that I forgot about my other dreams.

I sat down one day and really asked my self a serious question... "Kataurus Braswell what do you want do do with your life"? For a minute there I could not answer this question, I was actually confused. So I sat there for a minute and went back to my teenage years, and thought about what I said that I wanted to do. All of a sudden it hit me, I wanted to design my own clothes, it was fashion.

I have always loved clothes and I actually started sketching designs when I was 17, I just didn't know what to do with them. Life happened to me and I got away from it, and totally got away from my dream. So here I am to today putting this dream into affect, and I will never give up on it. I didn't want to use my name, I wanted something that would make a positive statement.
 and sound fancy at the same time.

What sounds fancier than Italian Words? So I got to thinking about the statement that I wanted to make, and I knew that it would have to have something to do with life. I thought about what type of life that I wanted to have, and then the world "Golden" popped up in my head. I want to live the golden life. A prosperous life that God has ordained me to live, which is a life full of blessings.

Right now D.D.V. has T shirts, hoodies, hats, dresses, and swimwear for sale. I even have a few watches available with more to come. I have some shoes designed that I will be releasing soon, and they will be made from Italian leather. Right now we have more street wear available, but be on the look out for the luxury line to drop real soon. I am just getting started, so be patient with me and follow me own my journey. Stop by and support me if you would! Peace and Blessings.

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