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Motivation - Let the Past be the Past!

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Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing about negative things that you have experienced in the past?  When you meet someone new that you want to get to know romantically, you tend to tell that story about how bad you were treated in your last situation. Then you meet somebody else and tend to tell the same heartbreaking story over again. In fact, you tell the story so much that you begin to sound like a broken record. Don't you get tired of pulling all of that old negative shit back up?

From this day forward try to make a conscious decision to let all of the B.S. from the past go. We can never grow by living in the past. I'm not talking relationships only, I'm talking about anything traumatic that has happened to you that still hurts. Those negative thoughts can stunt your growth by forcing you to keep reliving the event(s), and then you are stuck feeling so down that you cannot live your life. If your like me you can become very angry by bringing all of that craziness back up.

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For now own when someone ask you about your past, you tell them about some of those great things. If they ask you why your past relationship didn't work, you tell them that the person wasn't for you. When someone asks you about your last job, you tell them it was time to move on. You do not and I repeat, you do not have to tell every single detail of your past to any one. I know that there are going to be times that you are going to share things with people, but there is a such thing as over kill. 

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