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My Thoughts: What a Day!!! - Your Blessing Is Coming!

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So let me tell you guys and girls about what happened to me at work today! I only have two days left at my current job site before I start my new job after spring break. I wish I could tell you guys where I work but this is the internet, and I do have to maintain some sense of privacy. I am a supervisor (second in charge) at the site that I am currently at. I will be the supervisor (first in charge) at my new job site, which is a smaller site. So....

Initially I was told that I would not get a raise because I was going to a smaller site. I didn't even mind not having a pay increase, I just wanted to get away from the hell hole that I was in. So a good friend/co-worker of mines is friends with someone in Human Resources. She made a phone call a few days ago, and asked her friend is there anyway that I could get an pay increase. Well I was told that I should fill out a particular form, sign it, fax it, and she would do what she could. She also said that the increase would not be on this pay check, but on the next one.

So today is payday and I checked my bank account as I normally would, and what I seen blew my entire mind. My check was 3 times more than what it should have been, it was so big that I got nervous. I was like OMG what the hell happened? I don't wear glasses but I have contacts, so I took the sons of b****s out, soaked them in solution, blew them off, and put them back into my eyes. So now I'm talking to myself like, "Do I tell someone, is this my blessing, this can't be my money, there had to be a mistake".

So whats the first thing that a mama's boy does, Call His Mama! Now me and my mama are very spiritual people, so the first thing she said was "Maybe this is your blessing". I was like "mama there is no way in hell this is my money, this is a mistake, what should I do"? Before she could answer I told her that I was keeping it. I told her that I was gonna ride or die with it. I told her that if they want it back, they can just deduct it out of my check, but this is my money. So she said "well maybe you had some left over overtime (which I did have some overtime) and they owed you".  I was like "well if they ask me any questions, that's what I'm telling them. So mama had to get off the phone and go back to work, so I call my fiance to ask her what did she think. She didn't pickup the phone because she was also at work. So.....

When you talk to GOD on the regular, you seem to get convicted kind of easily. Now this dam conscience of mines starts to talking. It said to me "Its not your money, you should not keep it, and you could get into trouble for it. So at this point I am scared to keep the freakin money, and I am mad at myself for talking to GOD so much now LOL. I walked my spiritual ass to my bosses office to tell him what happened, he told me to go see the book keeper. I went and told the book keeper what was wrong, and she checked everything out. She told me to call payroll, and that I did the right thing because they would take the money back out of my check.

I called the payroll department and guess who picked up... the young lady that was processing my pay increase. I told her who I was and what was wrong, and she said..."thats your money, I got you your increase, and I back payed you for what you should have been getting paid for your previous position'.  The first thing that popped in my mind was...GOD IS SO REAL!

I know that you guys don't know my full story, but let me just say that the last three years of my life has been so rough. Maybe I will backtrack one day and give you a little of my history. The more I blog, the more I want to reveal about myself. I needed this money like a child needs their parents. I have been so used in abused on this same job, and almost quit so many times. Something told me to just hang in there, and that I was going to eventually get what was minds. I have been spending a lot of time with GOD lately, and I have learned not to fret or worry. Lately doors have been opening and closing behind me so that the haters cannot enter. So thiis what my day has been like, and I had to share this with you, yes YOU! No matter how bad things seem, just hang in there, Your Blessing is Coming!

King Braswell

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