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My Thoughts - On God's Time

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So today I went to an interview that I had been excited about for two weeks. All of my co-workers, friends, and family knows how hard I work, and they told me that the job was mines. I had been referred by two of my supervisors so I felt really good about it, and the position would be a promotion for me. I put it in my head that GOD had this job for me, and I claimed it.

I arrived to my interview 30 mins early, dressed the part, and I made sure that I was well groomed. I made sure that I did everything that I could to make a good first impression, The first thing they did was give me some stupid test which I passed, and then I had to sit and wait a few mins for them to call me to the back. I sat down at a table with four people looking in my face (which I did not expect), and I looked at them like I had the job,

The interview has started with a series of questions that I answered with no problems. I had the four people smiling and laughing the whole time. The interview could not get any better than it was, so in my head the job is in the bag. So they told me when the job started, and that they would call me when they have made there decision, so I walked out of the interview feeling like a real champion. I had already starting thanking GOD for my new promotion and went back to work.

I am back at work bragging on how good the interview went, and everybody was sure that I was going to get it. Minutes later I got an email alert on my phone from the company who interviewed me, so I clicked on it and read it with excitement. It said that I was qualified for the job, had a great interview, but...... Unfortunately we chose another candidate. HOWEVER, I want to refer you to another site that I know you would be needed.

Sometimes its just not your time to do a certain thing, go a to certain place, or have certain experiences. I thought that I had the job in the bag, but GOD said something different. I went to that interview so that I would be introduced to someone in a better place. I said all of this to say that everything is on Gods time!!!! I knew what GOD had did the moment I was told that I would be referred to another person that needed help. I already have the interview set up for next week, and the person that is doing the hiring really needs my help. Sit back, relax, and let GOD operate!!


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