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My Thoughts - On Gods Time (Part II)

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Hopefully you read part one of this blog post, and if not please do because I really don't feel like repeating myself this morning lol. However! I will pick up where I left off from the last post. So I didn't get the job, and was referred to another job site by the original hiring company! Thursday evening I got a phone call from my current supervisor, (who's friends with the person who interviewed me) and he told me to call the hiring manager back, and that she had good news.

I called Mrs. Blank (won't give her real name) moments later, and she told me that she wanted to offer me the job. She told me that she thought so highly of me that she had to re-think the situation, and offered me the job. At that very moment I knew how real GOD is! I got on the phone with a friend of mines who told me that the job was meant for me, and he was like man I told ya it was yours. He said that when you didn't originally get it you remained positive, and that GOD gave it right back to you.

God is so GOOD yall! If you know me offline or continue to follow my blog, you will learn that I can get kind of preachy. I have to mention God because he's all we got, and at the end of the day he's all that we need. I joke, sin, and have my issues like everyone else, but I know that GOD is real and I have to share that. No matter how bad things seem, remain calm and trust in the LORD!


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