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Motivation - When the Devil Attacks?

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 So today I am in my Preaching mode, and when I am in this mode I have to share whats on my mind.  In the last few weeks I have been stressed, Ive had two co-workers have relatives in critical conditions, and my fiance's boss lost his wife. There are some things in life that we have absolutly no control over, but the one thing we do have control over is our own actions.

"Why does bad things seem to keep on happening" asked a friend of mines, the answer comes quite easy for me. The best way for me to answer this is to blame it on that hateful, spiteful, and hell bound devil and his demons. The devils job is to destroy you, and he will use any tool that he can. He will destroy someone else just to get to you and make your life miserable, and guess what, GOD allowed it.

Now I know that you might wonder why GOD would allow such a thing, and I will be happy to give you the best answer I know. He allows the devil to attack you for a number of reasons. The devil operates in the spirit world, and he knows what GOD has for you. He is trying to block what GOD has for you, and GOD is trying to teach you to keep going no matter what. Not only is he trying to teach you how to keep going, he wants you to keep reaching out to him. God is basically showing you that you gotta keep fighting to get what you want, so that when the next attack comes along you will know what to do. The attacks are going to come at you harder as the blessings start to increase.

Imagine being a boxer and sparring for the first time, you will have to learn to take punches right?  The object of being a boxer is to eventually win a championship belt, and every fight is going to get harder. That means that every sparring partner that you will have will also get bigger and better! What about a person trying to get their first job at lets say.... Burger King, the devil will try to deter them with little mind games and tricks. Four years later that same person wants a job in the Burger King Corporate office, the devil is gonna attack even harder. He or she gets the corporate job and two years they want to buy a Burger King, the devil is going to try to attack their family, health, and finances to prevent that from happening. You see where I'm going!!!

The Key is to keep the faith and keep your eyes on GOD! You have to face that devil head on and do not fold, I don't care what he tries. You cannot allow the devil to get into your mind and cause confusion, just keep on going and GOD will deal with that fool. Jesus defeated him a long time ago, all he has is his bag of tricks. So the next time that he attacks you, you be sure to go even harder on whatever it is that he is trying to prevent. Whatever it is that he is attacking, you make sure that you pray about it, and let GOD have it. God Bless Yall!

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