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Motivation - Stop the Negative Thinking - Let God Lead

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One again I am in my preaching mode, and when I get in this mode I have to really share whats on my mind. Every since I was a teenager people of all ages would come to me for advice. I use to tell myself, "I'm to young to help to be counseling people twice my age" lol.  I was 17 then and I'm 37 years old now, so that's 20 years of being Mr. Go to Guy. I have learned to embrace this life-long job, and I actually love to help people. I have my own demons, but I also know how to get them off of me when others get stuck in a rut.

I am sooo far from a saint, but God has shown me some amazing things in my 37 years, so I have to share them. One thing that I have noticed lately is that there are so many people who let their thoughts consume them. When I say thoughts, I don't mean those happy go lucky, God the sky is blue, I love my life thoughts. I mean those haunting, stressful, anxiety filled thoughts. Those thoughts that tell you that nobody wants you, you are not smart or pretty enough, or you will not reach your goals.

Well let's deal with why we have these ugly, sick, and negative thoughts. Please stay with me, I'm about to get very preachy, but very freaking real. I'm trying my best not to curse (which I love to do but I'm working on myself), because I get very emotional when speaking about certain things. Ok so let me tell you why we have these thoughts. God has a plan, and a very good plan for our lives. The peace that he wants to give us is something that you can't even imagine. We have to really work to get this peace, and the main assignment is to learn how to trust him. We learn to trust him by spending time with him and having faith.
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Now the enemy knows that God has these plans for us, so he has to act as a defensive linesman would on a football field. He has to block what God is trying to do! Now the best way for him to do it is to attack your what..... your mind which holds your thoughts. He has to influence your thoughts by bringing up those fears. Most of the time what you fear the most never happens, but he will have you thinking about certain things over and over again hoping that you fall into depression.

I am starting a new job soon, which is a true blessing for me. The negative thoughts kicked in, things like.... will the people like me, will I be good at the job, and will I be a good manager. The answer is yes, yes, and yes. God would not have put me there if I could not handle the job, or if he did not think that I could do it. My co-worker/friend just got transferred and she worked herself up into a panic today. She is worried about the new work site working with her schedule, and all types of things. I had to remind her that this is what we both asked for, so stop entertaining the devil.

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The job of the devil is to pump fear into your heart, the job of Jesus is to bring you peace. Who do you think has the power? Ill let you answer that question! All of those crazy panicky thoughts are of the devil, and he is a liar. Be careful who and what you listen to, what you watch, and where you go! These are the ways that the enemy enters our minds. Think on good things, talk to GOD, and let him have all of your problems. We can't fight the devil, but GOD can, and Jesus has already kicked his.... well you know what I mean. Those are not your thoughts those are the devils, so chill, relax, and thank me in the comment box! God Bless Yall!!

P.S., If you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to email me, I'm a great listener!

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