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Motivation - God is in Control

God is in control

Anybody that knows me personally knows that I am a strong believer in GOD, and sometimes I get off track with my thinking. Lately I've been soooo stressed due to my job, that I've slipped on spending time with GOD. I was so stressed that I had to breakdown and talk to the social worker at my job, which was not like me because I'm usually the one solving everyone's problem. I knew then that I had to get back to the basics, and that was to get back to GOD.

Sometimes life throws stones in our direction, and they actually hit and hurt us. We have to learn how to keep it moving and keep on pressing on. The devil is responsible for those stones throwe'd and GOD allowed it, and he allowed it for good reason. GOD will allow the devil to attack so that we will keep our eyes on him. If the devil did not attack we would not need GOD, does that make sense?

Whenever the devil attacks he is trying to throw you off of GOD's plan, which he cannot do if you keep your eyes on the LORD. He will attack your family, health, and your mind to get to you. God wants you to keep your eyes on him because he is in full control of EVERYTHING. When the devil attacks you have to fight back like the warrior that you are. The only way to fight the devil is with the word of GOD, and that's the best armor that you can have. The devil has already been defeated, he has no power over your life. Its all up to you on how you deal with him. Let nothing, and I mean nothing bother you!

Keep your eyes on GOD, the victory is yours! The GOD is in CONTROL!
Love Yall!

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