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Health and Fitness - 5 Things Not To Do When You Are Getting Healthy.

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Lately I have been receiving bad news on what seems to be an everyday basis about the health of someone close, or a loved one of someone close. People have been having heart troubles, cancer diagnoses, and even death occur. This has lead me to take life much more seriously, and I have decided to take care of myself much better than I was. Over the Last two weeks I have made a drastic lifestyle change, and I've already seen a big difference by changing the way I eat.

Everyday life brings about many things that we focus our attention on, and sometimes we forget about our health which is the most important thing next to God. We put our focus on our families, jobs, and maybe even a little foolishness that we shouldn't give any attention to. This lifestyle change of mines has been working for me, so I would like to share some of things  that I've learned not to do while getting healthy. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.... 5 THINGS NOT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE GETTING HEALTHY!

1. Stress - People do not know how stress can break the body down mentally and physically. Stress
can actually make you sick by weakening your immune system, raising your blood pressure, and causing all kinds of other symptoms that you will have to look up because I don't feel like typing them (lbvs).

2. Eat Sugar - Sugar is sooooo sooooo bad for you! I know that you might want that piece of moist cake, that milk chocolate candy bar, and/or that soft batch of cookies fresh out of the oven, but if you know like I do you would run. I worked out for years and could not get rid of my gut, and didn't know why until I begin to research. I found out that sugar is extremely dangerous , and makes it almost impossible to lose weight. I cut back on the sugar and my stomach is slowly but surely going down.  If you are going to eat it, really watch how much you take in and when you eat it. I prefer to eat something sweet early in the mornings so that I will have an entire day to burn it off.

3. Stay up all night - You must get your sleep! Lack of sleep can also cause many complications. Its bad on your heart amongst many other things. If you have problems going to sleep, try a natural sleep aid like melatonin to help you go to sleep. When you get the correct amount of sleep (which is 7-8 hours per night), you will wake up refreshed the next morning.

4. Avoid the Gym - Get your behind in the gym and work out! Exercise is so important, and I am mad at myself for not taking it as serious as I should years ago. I know that we all have busy lives, but we still have to make time to work out. I don't care if its just for 30 mins per day, hit the weights and the treadmill for 15 mins each and you will notice a big difference.

5. Smoking - Now every now and then I get the urge to smoke a cigar and sip on some scotch, but I gotta tell you that smoking is harsh on the body. We all know what it will do to the lungs, but its also hell on your heart. If you are a smoker I suggest you quite, unless you are the kind of person that can have a smoke once a month or even less. I haven't smoked a cigar this year, so I don't have any plans on picking them back up. I have always been a social smoker anyways, so I don't have any addiction problems. If you cant smoke one cigar or cancer stick every now and then, put them down.

These are my 5 things not to do when you are getting healthy guys and gals, I hope that this list can help you on your journey. We only have one body, so that means that we have to take care of it. Be Blessed!!!

King Braswell

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