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Motivation - Stop the Negative Thinking - Let God Lead

One again I am in my preaching mode, and when I get in this mode I have to really share whats on my mind. Every since I was a teenager people of all ages would come to me for advice. I use to tell myself, "I'm to young to help to be counseling people twice my age" lol.  I was 17 then and I'm 37 years old now, so that's 20 years of being Mr. Go to Guy. I have learned to embrace this life-long job, and I actually love to help people. I have my own demons, but I also know how to get them off of me when others get stuck in a rut.
I am sooo far from a saint, but God has shown me some amazing things in my 37 years, so I have to share them. One thing that I have noticed lately is that there are so many people who let their thoughts consume them. When I say thoughts, I don't mean those happy go lucky, God the sky is blue, I love my life thoughts. I mean those haunting, stressful, anxiety filled thoughts. Those thoughts that tell you that nobody wants you, you are no…

My Thoughts - Why Do People Cheat?

This is a topic that I have wrote and read about all to many times. If I can help it this will be the last time I write about it, and hopefully this post will help some of you. I going to keep this real short and sweet, no need for a long post. Women want to know why their men can't keep it in their pants, and men want to know why their women can't keep their legs closed. Your cousin King Braswell is going to tell you in the next paragraph.
Men and women cheat because they want to, and they want to because they are human beings!!! Men like women, and women like men, and they meet other men and women that they like and they do it. The direct reason does not matter, what matters is that they do it. Men are very visual, and they might meet a woman that they are attracted to, so if he feels like its worth the risk he will cheat with that woman. Women like attention, if the right man gives her that attention, she might get in between the sheets with that man.
People do what they w…

Health and Fitness - 5 Things Not To Do When You Are Getting Healthy.

Lately I have been receiving bad news on what seems to be an everyday basis about the health of someone close, or a loved one of someone close. People have been having heart troubles, cancer diagnoses, and even death occur. This has lead me to take life much more seriously, and I have decided to take care of myself much better than I was. Over the Last two weeks I have made a drastic lifestyle change, and I've already seen a big difference by changing the way I eat.
Everyday life brings about many things that we focus our attention on, an

Motivation - When the Devil Attacks?

So today I am in my Preaching mode, and when I am in this mode I have to share whats on my mind.  In the last few weeks I have been stressed, Ive had two co-workers have relatives in critical conditions, and my fiance's boss lost his wife. There are some things in life that we have absolutly no control over, but the one thing we do have control over is our own actions.

"Why does bad things seem to keep on happening" asked a friend of mines, the answer comes quite easy for me. The best way for me to answer this is to blame it on that hateful, spiteful, and hell bound devil and his demons. The devils job is to destroy you, and he will use any tool that he can. He will destroy someone else just to get to you and make your life miserable, and guess what, GOD allowed it.

Now I know that you might wonder why GOD would allow such a thing, and I will be happy to give you the best answer I know. He allows the devil to attack you for a number of reasons. The devil operates in th…

Motivation - God is in Control

Anybody that knows me personally knows that I am a strong believer in GOD, and sometimes I get off track with my thinking. Lately I've been soooo stressed due to my job, that I've slipped on spending time with GOD. I was so stressed that I had to breakdown and talk to the social worker at my job, which was not like me because I'm usually the one solving everyone's problem. I knew then that I had to get back to the basics, and that was to get back to GOD.

Sometimes life throws stones in our direction, and they actually hit and hurt us. We have to learn how to keep it moving and keep on pressing on. The devil is responsible for those stones throwe'd and GOD allowed it, and he allowed it for good reason. GOD will allow the devil to attack so that we will keep our eyes on him. If the devil did not attack we would not need GOD, does that make sense?

Whenever the devil attacks he is trying to throw you off of GOD's plan, which he cannot do if you keep your eyes on t…