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Keep it real Review - Gus's World Famous Chicken (Downtown Atlanta)

So yesterday (2/3/2018) me and Felicia (My Lady) were bored and decided to ride downtown ATL to take a stroll. We normally go downtown on the weekends to eat and barhop but we haven't had a chance to that in a while, so yesterday was perfect being that the sun was out. We parked at the garage across from the Hard Rock cafe like we always do (cheap Parking) and preceded to walk.

Now mind you that we have been downtown countless of times, so there isn't much that we haven't seen. So while we were walking I seen a sign that said Fried Chicken, and I wasn't hungry until I seen that sign lol. Who wouldn't get hungry after seeing a big ass sign that says fried chicken, world famous fried chicken. Anyways! I have never seen that sign as much as I've walked that area, so we decided to go in and have a sample of the food. 

So we walked in and were greeted by a middle aged guy, so he proceeded to escort us to our table and I got upset instantly. Now mind you that the restaurant is not that big, it reminds you of a rib shack or BBQ joint. So I'm following this fool and he leads me through a crowd of people taking seats at their table. Now the tables are close together and he could have easily walked me around the opposite direction, but no this idiot walks me almost through at least 10 people. Now Felicia ran her ass off to the bathroom before we were seated so she didn't have to experience this injustice. Enough of that, on to the next part!

So now I'm at the table and some Beyonce wanna be comes up to me talking all low asked me if I would like something to drink. Out of the three wines that they sell they only had two available, so I told her that I would have the Cabernet. She said that it comes in a little bitty cup, you do not get much. So at that moment I'm thinking to myself...Daaam, is she trying to talk me out of buying some wine? So I told Beyonce that it was ok, Ill take to little bitty ass cup. Well when she brought me my wine, it was in a little bitty ass cup. The dam cup looked like a communion cup y'all, I ain't lying. I should have taken a picture of it but I wasn't thinking due to me being in shock.

Now its time to order food! The menu didn't have many items, but it was understandable because this a chicken shack. So we both ordered fried green tomatoes as a starter, and 2 piece white meat with fried okra and baked beans. I told her to bring be some water and Felicia had sweet tea. My water came in what looks like a Dollar Tree Styrofoam cup, Felicia's did have a cup that actually had the company's name, hell its water so I guess I can't be mad. So here comes the Fried Green Tomatoes.

Now I must say that those were some dam good tomatoes. They were fried to perfection and the tomatoes were so thick and fresh. They were a bit pricey but it was delicious so I have no complaints about the dish, now here comes the man course....Fried Chicken.

One thing that I noticed about ole Gus is that he loves paper plates, cups, and eating utensils. Oh well the food looked great on that thick ass paper plate. I should have asked them where did they get them from, they were just as thick as a real ceramic plate. Anyways, the food looked good and it was time to dive in. While I was putting hot sauce on my chicken Felicia said "this chicken is really spicy", I was like we didn't order spicy. I like spicy food but not too spicy, but there was nothing on the menu that said that the chicken was spicy. I tasted mines and it was good but spicy as well, and the meat as so tender underneath the crispy skin. The only problem was the more we ate, the spicier the shit seemed to get. 

So we were wondering was all of the chicken spicy, or did we have an option to order spicy. Beyonce never told us that we had options, so we decided to asked. I said hey Beyonce, are all of you guys chicken spicy, she replied "yes". I told her that it was good but a little too hot for us, and she said that she was sorry. 

Overall, the food was cooked to perfection, the chicken was just to hot for our liking and even the baked beans and okra was good.  I would suggest that they explain to the guest that all of their chicken is spicy, which is a shame because they are going to miss out on a lot of potential customers. So if you like spicy food and paper plates, check out Gus's World's Famous Chicken. They have multiple locations around the south. One more thing, they should expand there wine selection and actually get some wine glasses, not those Jesus cups!!!

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