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Food and Drinks - California Wine Club - Case Club Series

Case Club Series

For 27 years The California Wine Club has been discovering fabulous, small batch wines and sharing them with members everywhere. Now it's your turn to experience the wineries, the wines and the service that has made us the #mostlovedwineclub. Taste the difference handcrafting makes with artisan wines hand-selected for you.
Whether you chose to receive shipments monthly, every other month or quarterly with each delivery you will receive:
  • Twelve (3 bottles each of four different wines) handcrafted wines, each hand-selected from an artisan winery
  • Selections will predominantly be from California with an occasional wine from Washington, Oregon and wineries around the world
  • Savings of up to 50% off normal retail, plus $1 shipping when you find a favorite and order more
  • Personal Wine Consultants available by phone, email or chat
  • There Love It guarantee. They stand behind every bottle, and if you're not happy you are not stuck. Click here to purchase!

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