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What do you think about Man Bags?

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Now I was talking to a friend of mines the other day about man bags. I asked her what she thought about men wearing these things, and she said that they were cool as long as the man was acting like a man.  Let me get my opinion out of the way, I HATE THEM. I'm not hear to bash anybody about there sexual preference at all, but I this is to feminine to me. I'm a man that wants to look like a man, and I don't want to wear a purse. She said that her son wants one, but she does not know how to feel about it. I guess that I can see a man wearing one as long as he is not walking around with tights, lipstick, and heels... I guess.

You can call it a man bag all you want, but it looks like a pocket book/purse or whatever the ladies call it today. I'm all for the back pack thingies, but nothing that looks like a purse is going on my shoulder. Some dudes tote them around as if its a purse, which I don't get. To each its on, but this is definitely not for King Braswell. Truth be told... I don't have that much shit to be toting around anyway. I got a wallet and thats all that I need, and I would not walk around with a bag full of money like some of these rappers do. Please tell me what do you think ladies and gentleman!

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