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We live in a world where every thing is STUPID HIGH! Food is high, clothes are high, fruit are high, and taking out a women for dinner is dam near an investment. God forbid going on a vacation, that's  life's saving. I am a person who use to spend like crazy, but after a few divorces, relocating to Atlanta, and going through some shit I've really learned to discipline myself. I've put together a little list of things that I have done to save me a lil change like you see in the jar above. Keep reading!!!

1. Stay at Home more! I have learned to keep my ass at home because it keeps me from stopping and shopping. When you leave your house you are going to see some shit that you want. You are going to need gas to drive, you are going to get hungry, and you are going to want a few shots of tequila or whatever it is that you do. You know, buy some weed, snort a lil coke, and/or smoke some meth , that's your business not mines (Just Kidding). Stay and home and create your heaven there, have a house party, and watch Netflix.

2. Stop Eating Out!  I am the King of going to restaurants, and not cheap ones. One week I got curious about how much money that I was spending on eating out and did the math. When I tell you that I am mad at myself, you better believe me. I was spending at least $100 a week, and that adds up to a car note every month. I started buying more grocery's and cooking what I had at home. The good thing about this is that you can cook exactly what you like and have leftovers. If you paid $40 dollars at a restaurant, you could have bought a pack of chicken, some veggies, and a few snacks and ate for the week if you weren't so greedy.

3. Stop Shopping so Much!  I know that all of you ladies think that yall are the finest things on Gods green earth, and some foolish man told you that you ought to be in pictures(cut it out), but yall gotta chill. Some of you fellas want to be Denzel, Brad Pitt, and/or whats the boys know the dude that was jumping his ass up and down on Oprah's sofa. Sorry to hurt ya feelings bruh, but you are not one of those dudes. If you are going to shop, stay in your lane and catch some shit thats on sell. If you are not making 6 figures, put down the Gucci and take your ass to Ross.

4. Buy Cash Cars! I bought a new car 5 years ago, when I drove it off the lot it lost value immediately. I tried to trade the dam thing in 3 years later and they said that I owned to much on the thing, and I took it to the place that sold it to me. The interest that they charged me on that car could have bought me two cash cars. Leave those cars on the lot, and go get you a car for a couple of grand. Hell three months ago I bought a car for 8 hundred bucks, and I can go anywhere I want. Its ok looking, but Its not about the looks. 5 hundred a month, or drive for free, your choice. Oh yea, if you miss a payment they might come and get it out your yard.

5. Don't Live Beyond Your Means! I think that this is the most important way of them all!! I mean come one folks, you know how much money you make, there is no way you should be walking around with all of the latest technology when you make 10 bucks an hour. That shit makes me sick when I see people walking around with Jordan's or Red Bottoms and they don't have a dam savings account(with money in it). Just buy what you can afford, go to thrift shops, and calm your ass down. Stop looking at your friends, family, and them broke ass co-workers.

There you have it, my 5 ways that I personally save money. Some people make look at this as a punishment, but its actually helping you become financially stable. Sometimes to have to sacrifice to get where you want to be. Even if you had money, you should spend it wisely.

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