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Don't Expect much from People You Asked To Follow You!

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Have you ever joined one of those groups and asked everyone to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? While there is nothing wrong with asking, but just don't be surprised if they do not end up being active with you or supporting what you do. It almost never works for me when it comes to  creating sales! Hell it doesn't even work for me when it comes to engagement of my posts either.
Think about this for a minute, if someone is interested in your content they are going to follow you. If they are really into your post, they are going to respond. I know that just about every time I follow someone, I'm actually following them because I am into whatever they are saying or doing. I respond because I ginuinley want to, not because I feel forced. The only good thing about asking people to follow is the fact that your numbers go up. People tend to follow people that have alot of followers in hopes that they get exsposed to them.

When its all said it done, the people that you asked to follow you will do just that and only that. You may end up with 10 thousand followers with 5 people actually engaging with you. I rather have 5 followers that engages with me than having a million that stays silent and do not support. It just depends what you are looking for, but most of us bloggers are looking for activity. So if you are looking for numbers, just keep on asking.

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