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Designer Alert! Della Spencer

Della spencer is a local resident to Cambridge who worked for government in diversity for many years.She also ran Urban music and dance development businesses and recently changed career cause, and achieved her BA degree in fashion design.

She is a mother of two and co director of Victoria Road Tattoo Shop that collects this vibrant energy and diverse experience in her patterns and designs. The garments are bold, visually impacting and are sure to brighten anyone's day in an unforgettable way.

Della Spencer's designs are bright and bold with 'NO APOLOGY' for those who think the world needs no m ore “AVERAGE” and want to STYLE UP. Check out her designs below from her En'ti'ty Collection! I love the use of all of her extravagant colors!

The ‘En-ti-ty’ collection ignites the senses with summer days full of fun and brightness. Creating the feeling of ‘here I am’. The dazzling eccentric patterns are inspired by nature and jewelry. This dynamic contemporary street style has an energy loved by all.

Della Spencer 
INSTAGRAM & TWITTER @della__spencer 
SKYPE @little_della


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