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Blazer and Jeans: Can't Go Wrong With It!

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I use to be the dude that wore T shirts and jeans all of the time, and you would not catch me dead with a full suite. When I moved to the Atlanta and started going out to the cigar bars, fine dining, and meeting new people I knew that I had to step my game up. I wanted to dress up but feel comfortable at the same time. So I noticed a lot of guy rocked blazers with jeans, and I'm a big jeans guy so I went out and purchased me a few and I've been addicted every since.

When a man hits his 30's he goes through a change, that change is called being a grown ass man! I didn't want to be THAT guy that looks like his teenage sons or nephews. Walking around with T shirts and jerseys, or the guy with the tight ass T Shirt and skinny leg jeans. As you guys get to know me you will learn that I hate skinny leg jeans.

There is so much you can do with a Blazer and Jeans such as....

  1.  Pair the Blazer with a button up shirt, leave the shirt out and put on a Tie with jeans.
  2. Pair the Blazer with a shirt with a vest over it with a nice bow tie and some nice dress shoes.
  3. Pair the Blazer with a dark colored t shirt, with jeans and sneakers.
Now I'm big on matching and coordinating with colors, I try to match my ties with my shoes, and sometimes with my  blazer. I try to match my Blazer with my jeans, and if the blazer is a loud color, Ill match it with my tie and match my shirt with my shoes. Now when I'm wearing sneakers, I probably would be going out on the town with my lady, smoke some cigars, or a nice show. I put on dress shoes when I am going to church or maybe wine tasting. One thing is for sure about this look, you can't go wrong with it! Tell me what you think about it guys and gals. Fellas would you rock it, ladies would you let your man rock it?

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