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D'oro Della Vita

I have to take the time out to tell you guys about my brand D'oro Della Vita, which is Italian for The Golden Life. I came up with the name just about a month ago. I have always wanted to have my own clothing line, and there is no better time than now. DDV is what I call Luxury Urban Wear. The type of clothes you can wear in the streets and to formal events. The name says it all, the brand represents living life to the fullest.

                                                           Women'  Italian Leather Boot

Right now Im taking my time and starting small trying to get the name circulating by mainly advertising T shirts, sweaters, and yoga pants. I have some shoe and watch designs but I won't be marketing them strongly until I build up a name. In the future you will see shoe and watch designs for guys and girls. The very last collection that I am going to release is formal wear such as Blazers, dress shoes, and dresses for the ladies.

So to you all that are reading t…

D'oro Della Vita

It would not be right if I did not Plug my own brand. D'oro Della Vita. This is my baby and I am really proud of what I've came up wit thus far. DDV stands for The Golden Life. It is what I call Luxury Urban Wear. Its the type of clothing that you can chill at the sports bar in, and also go wine tasting. Right now we have more urban designs that Luxury. More designs will be added in the near future. The Brand features hoodies, sweatshirts, Italian leather shoes, belts, and yoga pants. 
Check out our website at

What do you think about Man Bags?

Now I was talking to a friend of mines the other day about man bags. I asked her what she thought about men wearing these things, and she said that they were cool as long as the man was acting like a man.  Let me get my opinion out of the way, I HATE THEM. I'm not hear to bash anybody about there sexual preference at all, but I this is to feminine to me. I'm a man that wants to look like a man, and I don't want to wear a purse. She said that her son wants one, but she does not know how to feel about it. I guess that I can see a man wearing one as long as he is not walking around with tights, lipstick, and heels... I guess.

You can call it a man bag all you want, but it looks like a pocket book/purse or whatever the ladies call it today. I'm all for the back pack thingies, but nothing that looks like a purse is going on my shoulder. Some dudes tote them around as if its a purse, which I don't get. To each its on, but this is definitely not for King Braswell. Truth …


We live in a world where every thing is STUPID HIGH! Food is high, clothes are high, fruit are high, and taking out a women for dinner is dam near an investment. God forbid going on a vacation, that's  life's saving. I am a person who use to spend like crazy, but after a few divorces, relocating to Atlanta, and going through some shit I've really learned to discipline myself. I've put together a little list of things that I have done to save me a lil change like you see in the jar above. Keep reading!!!

1. Stay at Home more! I have learned to keep my ass at home because it keeps me from stopping and shopping. When you leave your house you are going to see some shit that you want. You are going to need gas to drive, you are going to get hungry, and you are going to want a few shots of tequila or whatever it is that you do. You know, buy some weed, snort a lil coke, and/or smoke some meth , that's your business not mines (Just Kidding). Stay and home and create your…