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My Budget Journey - Week 1

I actively started my budget last Monday and I have decided to share my weekly progress with you guys, and I must say that I am excited and I am making great progress. I won't share every single detail of my daily life, but I give you updates on how I am doing. I am a little late with this posts so I am going to share my progress from last week. 
My budget  consists of paying all of my bills (gas and groceries included), and giving myself very little pocket change every week. I give myself 10 dollars a week and its really to much because I don't need anything. After all of my bills are paid what could I possibly need? I give myself the $10 bucks just in case I want something like a snack, or for something miscellaneous. 
So last week I stayed on budget other than a stupid emergency that was clearly my fault. I lost my freaking keys at work and I had to go replace them, and that cost me $32. I ate food from home every single day. Not eating out has truly enabled me to stick wi…

My Budget is Saving My Life

It all starting when I was 19 years old when I was working for Lowe's, and I got a phone call from a furniture manufacturer for a job I had applied for. My hours would be from 7am to 3:30pm which was great, and they paid me more money than Lowe's. I would also have the weekend's off and that meant the world to a girl crazy 19 year old boy, but me being in love with money led me to go part time at Lowe's. The life of Mr. Multiple Jobs started in 99 and I'm still going at it in 2019, and to be honest I'm tired of the shit. 
I was staying at home with my parents and there was no need for me to work myself crazy like that. I spent most of the money clubbing and drinking with friends, so it was definitely time wasted. There is nothing wrong with doing what you have to do to survive, but there is something wrong with loving money to the point that you would risk your health for it. I've had times when I had to work like this to support a family, but other than t…

5 Benefits of Making and Drinking Smoothies

I have really been on my health kick lately and I feel great. I made a promise to myself that I would loose this big ass gut of mines by the summer of this year which is 2019. I have always loved making smoothies but now I am taking things more seriously because I am closer to 40 than 30, and it is time to make some changes. Today is day two of the new year and I am off to a great start and it feels great. There are plenty of benefits of drinking smoothies and I would like to list a few and how they have impacted me.
Easy way to get your fruits and veggies - This is a life saver me being that me and my lady are both busy people, and sometimes we don't have time to cook a proper meal. Making smoothies is an all-in-one type of deal, and if done right you will get all of your nutrients in one sitting. Easy to prep - Today I started making smoothie packs by cutting up my fruits and veggies and placing them in a ziplock freezer back. All that I have to do now is pull it out of the freez…

Food and Drinks - Belvedere Vodka

I gotta tell yall the truth, over the years white liquor has never been my thing. I was always a dark liquor guy and crown royal has always been my favorite and probably always will be. I've been on a low sugar lifestyle change lately and I had too find something with no sugar, and I discovered that Belvedere is sugarless. I picked up me a bottle and have not turned back sense. It is sooooo smooth and it gets me where I want to be after about two drinks. 
Belvedere Vodka is the original and true expression of luxury vodka, created from 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition. The vodka itself is always authentic, and never artificial. I normally mix with with cranberry juice, while most people I know use it to make martini's. Either way you wont loose. So if you are looking for a nice relaxing drink that will give you a nice buzz without worrying about sugar, pick up a bottle from a new site that I use called Wired for Wine. You can have this bottle shipped to you free wit…

Back to my Blogging Self!

This is my first post in a while from this blog due to the fact that I have been working on my brand D'oro Della Vita (The Golden Life). I have confused myself this year about how should I go about promoting my brand. This blog has always been more personal and all over the place, DDV is about motivation and my clothing line, so I have been conflicted as to how to run both. I have a motivational side of me as to where I want to reach people to help them feel better. Then I have that side of me that is raw and straight to the point and that doesn't give a dam. I can't run my motivational blog and be overly raw, and I can't run my personal lifestyle blog with overly advertising my brand.

I have decided to let this blog serve as my personal blog where I talk about whatever I choose, and Im leaving DDV to stand on its on. So everything done here is apart of my personal feelings and my life, and it will not involve as much motivation as it once did. DDV will be where all o…

God = Peace and Blessings /Devil = Anxiety and Destruction

How many times have you felt like you were doomed, there's always something, and/or that you will never reach your potential in life? I can tell you that I have time and time again, but I have gotten better over time. Its seems life is just one messed up situation after another, and when you come out of one thing you are headed to another. Well! This is actually pretty true when you think about it, its always some ish going on. 
One day I was thinking about my life and how it seems like I can never reach my goals. It just seemed like every time that I was almost there some Bull$h** happened (I'm trying to stop cursing so Ill spell my bad words like that). I was like my GOD there has to be more than life that this. When is it going to be my time? When am I going to make it? GOD spoke back and said "You have already made it". I was like hold on now, let me really think about what GOD is telling me. So I really cleared my mind of all of the negative things that has hap…

Use Your Brain More and Not Your Emotions

This is my first post in months, and at first I wanted to discuss something spiritual, but after having conversations with different people about relationships I decided to go with this subject. I can't begin to tell you how many times that I've heard people say... Just follow your heart, but I love him or her, and/or no one makes me feel like he or she does. Do you want to know what I say when giving advice about relationships? I say screw how you feel, you better go with what makes sense.
It is so easy to fall for someone who is intelligent, nice, and who looks and smells good to you. They just make your heart melt every time that they speak to you. So he sends you roses to your job and all of your co workers are telling you that they wish they had a man like that. How about the woman that has your favorite meal ready when you get home from work? The guy that you can tell anything to, the woman that makes you feel like she has your back, the..... well you get the point. All…