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Stock Trading For Newbies - Five Things You Need To Know Before Buying

It has been has been a year since I first hit the buy button, and boy have I made some mistakes. I pretty much jumped in and started to buy with no understanding of what the hell I was doing. I made the mistake of not studying and researching trading, and I paid for it. Trading can be intimitadating being that you hear all of the stories about people losing there money. Trading stocks is a very risky game, but it's not as risky when you know what you are doing.

Fast forward to a year later in my trading career, I have cut my losses and started gaining much more that I lose. I am excited about my growth and potential earnings in the near future. I want to share as much knowledge as possible about trading stocks to my readers. I hope that I can prevent you from making some of the mistakes that I made early on. Listed below are five things that would have made my life much easier when I first hit the buy button.
Find a Mentor - I cannot began to tell you how important it is to find s…

My Budget Journey - Week 6

Well today marks the start of week 7 and ends weeks 6. I must say that this week went pretty well even though I spent a little more money than usual. I was able to put up $350 dollars into my emergency fund verses the usual $100 goal due to overtime. I even had some extra money to throw some money into the stock market. I got paid from my part time job this week and I was able to put that entire check up. Last but not least, I was able to buy some furniture for my apartment which is always great.
Now back to the little more money that I spent!! This week included Valentines day, so this means that I had to by my woman a few things. We also went out to eat so, which is something that we don't do often. It didn't hurt our pockets because this was already planned for, and we both have been working overtime lately so it was no problem for us.
Things that you can learn from week 6!
When you are doing your budget for the month, make sure that you include any out of the ordinary thin…

Time Is Money: Don't Let Social Media Rob You!

As I was sitting here trading stocks online today my twitter account kept going off. I kept going back and forth checking for updates on my timeline, and the next thing you know my ass was on instagram. Now I am going back and forth from twitter to instagram and all of a sudden the shit hit me, an hour had went by and I had accomplished nothing. I hadn't made a dollar, I did not research any potential new tickers (stock), and I hadn't made any new beneficial friends on twitter. The one thing that I did manage to do is... not accomplish SHIT!
Needless to say that I wasted a whole lot of my time, but I wasted a whole lot of my time. What I should have been doing is trading, researching, and developing new ways of bettering myself. It didn't even have to involve money, I could have read my bible or just read a good article. Now that I realized that I wasted quality time, which time is one thing that we can never get back, I decided to pull back from the social media thing an…

Blog about what you actively do!

Have you ever wanted to give up on your blog? Have you ever got bored and couldn't think of anything to blog about? Have you changed your niche multiple times? Well if you every did any of these things, you were probably not writing about the things that you actually do. I have owned quit a few blogs in my day, and I have given up on 99.9 of them. I was blogging about things that I thought would make money  or just to attract a huge following, and boy was I wrong.
When you are forcing yourself to blog about things that you aren't really into, or something that you think will make money, you will eventually loose focus. I recently turned this blog into more of a personal blog. I have started documenting what I actually do in my life, and this step is pretty easy. Everyday I keep up with my spending and the stock market, so it makes it easy for me to write about these things. It really takes minimal effort to write about what you just got finished doing.
Now when you write abou…

My Budget Journal - Week 5 - February

OK so this week was a little rocky, I spent a few dollars here and there. Its not that I spent well over my budget, its that I didn't keep up with what account my money came out of. I have different accounts and at times I have to pull money from one, and then put it back when I get paid again. I spent $27 dollars over my budget which wasn't bad, but I am going to have to keep up with were I pulled the money from. 
The way that I plan on correcting this is to put all excess money into my miscellaneous account, and if anything comes up that is non-emergency Ill  pull from that. This will keep me from trying to put money back into my checking's accounts, because my miscellaneous is not a savings but more of a stash. If I don't need anything I won't spend out of it, Ill let it just build up.
My key goal is to not pull any money out of my emergency fund, which is something that I haven't done since I've. Next week I will be adding an extra 100 to my emergency …


I have worked as many of three jobs since the age of 19, and I currently work two at the age of 38. In my early years I worked just to have extra money to blow, and once I reached my thirties I was working to have money to blow and pay bills. I am ashamed to say that it wasn't until recently that I learned to make my part time money work for me. I have put my body through hell over the years only to have a bunch of debt and memories. In December of 2018 which was only a few months ago, I realized that I was tired and my body was not going to hold up if I kept working like that. 
I sat down and went over my income and all of my bills, and realized that I could have afforded all of my bills with no extra income. Then I realized that all of the extra money that I had been making could have been used in other areas.  I looked back at all of the years that I had wasted working all day, and had nothing to show for it. So I came up with a plan to continue to work a part time, but with a…

My Budget Journey - Week 4

This week January ended and February started and it went great, all bills paid but I went over my weekly grocery shopping budget due to the Super Bowl party. Now I only went over $15 bucks but I still went over. Now the way that I got my $15 back is that I pulled money back from my pocket money. I give myself $20 a week in spending money, so I reduced it to $5.

One my ways of staying on top of my grocery budget is to pull from my pocket money and that usually evens it out. I never go more than a few dollars over it, so it's normally not a big deal. In the future I might make some changes as far as my grocery budget. If there is anything special going on where I need more grocery's, I might increase the budget and decrease money for another savings.

So this week I learned that my grocery budget might change month to month based on whats going on. We tend to cook more based on what's going on, so I will start adjusting my grocery budget accordingly. How did your week go? Se…