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My Thoughts - The Best Place To Talk and Hear From God!

Today is Mother's Day and I am not able to be around my Mom. For some reason I felt like getting up and going for a walk outside before getting ready for church. I love being outside with nature and this might sound strange, but I feel like God talks to me more when I'm outside, or maybe I an hear him better. I have been saying this for years, and I really think that this is true. I mean think about it, he made man from dirt...
Have you ever thought about the fact that when God talked to people in the bible it was always in the wilderness, mountains, or somewhere in nature? When you are with nature you get chance to see many of God's creations. You see the green grass, trees, people, squirrels, and also hear the birds chirping. How about the sun shining through the trees, or the river that flows on the side of your nearest park. It is just so peaceful, and where you find peace you will find GOD!

So while I was outside walking at my favorite park which is in Roswell Georgi…

My Thoughts- Stop Finger Pointing and Blame Yourself!

I might ruffle some feathers with this post, but fuck it I gotta get this off of my chest. In no way do I condone abuse of any kind, rather it be mental or physical, no one deserves to be abused by anyone! However, if you find yourself going through the same dam thing day after day, month after month, or year after year its on you. If you have not applied any change or action to what needs attention in your life, then you just might like what you are getting, or you are very comfortable.
People come to me all of the time with their problems and I try to motivate them the best I can. Lately I have really been getting overloaded with issues from friends, and most of them have been going through the same thing for years. Most of their problems stems from relationships. Some of them I have cut ties with because they just want to load me up with garbage, and they need someone to co-sign the bullshit that they are doing. The older I get the more that I realize that some of my friends are …

My Thoughts - Always Be the Bigger Person, Let No One Steal Your Peace!

Yesterday I completed my first week at my new job site as the manager, and I got to know a lot about my new employees. One thing that I had to deal with my first day was the pettiest two employees I've ever met in life. You see I have an older woman who is jealous of a young man who has proven himself of being a great worker, so she snitches on him constantly. In return he is always finger pointing at her about any little thing. If I tell him to do something he wants to know why she can't do it, and boy did I have to teach a lesson real fast.
Now the young man has a good reputation on the job, but the older woman not so much. The woman is old enough to be his mom so I expect a little more out of him than her. I sat him down in the office and told him that you are to gr

Blog Tips - Monetize Your Blog With Your Own Products!

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I see so many bloggers/influencer's promoting other people brands, and we are constantly looking for more collaborations. While there is nothing wrong with this, we cannot forget that we have talent and gifts as well. We create our blogs to share information on the things that we know about, and/or to show you how to do something. These things are valuable my friends, so let's turn this value into money.
Many of my blogger friends are always trying to figure out how to monetize their blog, and their always looking outside instead of within. You are the brand my fellow bloggers! That domain name of yours is the brand, and after a brand is established comes the products. The products do not have to be physical, they can be be sold in digital form.
If you have knowledge in a certain area, write an e-book on that subject and sell it. If you are a musician, create music and sell it as downloads. If you are a makeu…